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A Seaview Connection to Wine

When we were house hunting we looked at homes and none of them felt right until we walked into this incredible Seaview house. We knew it was meant to be when we discovered a shed in the back, filled with jugs of homemade wine and liqueurs. So perfect for this winepair! The former owner grew grapes and dabbled in making his own wine, cognac, whiskey, and flavored liqueurs. Unfortunately the old climate control unit, in the storage shed, had not been maintained and ceased working years earlier. The bottles of what once was lovely wine and liqueur were now mostly vinegar. I wish we could have tasted the fruits of “Tony’s” labor.

An even bigger sign came to us on the day we closed escrow...there in the back of an empty kitchen cabinet, I discovered this bottle of 1974 Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs! Although it wasn’t drinkable I know it was “Tony” welcoming us and celebrating that his house had now become our home.


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