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Off to the Races

I grew up around automotive racing. As a child, I spent hours watching racing on TV with my dad, an avid race fan for the last 75 years. I have fond memories, rocking in his lap, the hum of the cars going around the track, and Car and Driver magazine in his hand. He began his own race career, shortly after my senior year of high school, after the two of us spent a weekend at Riverside International Raceway attending a racing school.

Fast forward 37 years, his race career continues, and he is approaching a significant milestone - racing on his 100th track! Everyone in our family has had the pleasure of seeing him race throughout the years. My three children, nieces, and nephews have been fortunate enough to get some see him race from the time they were born and now into adulthood. Tracks include everything from small local venues to well-known tracks across the world. It is always awe-inspiring, and we never take it for granted. A race weekend usually also involves introducing friends to the world of racing and letting them see first-hand what others can only see on tv or from afar.

We recently combined a race weekend with our newfound love of camping. A visit to the Laguna Seca (WeatherTech Raceway) included two days at the track and a stay in their beautiful campground. With sweeping views of the countryside, the setting was ideal, including the familiar hum of the race cars on the track below.

Laguna Seca Recreation Area is located on the Monterey Peninsula and is central to both inland and coastal destinations. The campground sits up on a hill with stunning views from every site on the property. With 172 sites spread over four campgrounds, there is no shortage of open space. If you are a race fan, request a site overlooking the track, or if you prefer a quieter stay, request the opposite side of the property with views of the valley below. The sites are large, have water and electric hook-ups, and include a picnic table and firepit. Beautiful Oak trees throughout provide shade to some sites while others are more open for sunshine and warmth - a blessing in late February.

With another win under dad’s belt and a fun and restful weekend for us, we consider this another successful adventure. We look forward to more races this season in Sonoma, Palm Springs, and back to Laguna Seca.


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