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Accessories, Décor and more...

Here are some resources for a few of our favorite accessories, gadgets and décor items in Tailer.

We found gold pulls and knobs that worked great with the blue, cream and natural wood cabinets.


The stove cover does double duty as a cutting board and provides extra counter space


The backsplash is traditional white subway tiles. Vinyl, peel and stick meant for wall applications.


I loved the throw pillows I found - a set of 4 - 2 for the bed and 2 for the couch - perfect for the camping theme and colors to match our scheme.


Our flooring selection is a durable, peel and stick, vinyl planks. We chose a reclaimed wood look that matches the rest of the wood in the trailer.


A big basket is perfect for extra blankets.


A futon cover is the perfect size for the pullout sofa.


To keep the counter clear we opted to put our spices on the wall (magnetic holder and spice boxes) and hang holders for paper towels, napkins, wine glasses and coffee mugs. Brackets attached to the side of the cabinet with a piece of wood covered with polyurethane to match the cabinet provides extra counter space.


A few other favorite touches = we found a great map of the US that we covered the table with and added several coats of polyurethane to protect it. Above the couch we added accent lights that we spray painted gold to match the cabinet hardware. Other accessories can be found here.


Peel and stick, vinyl backslash was the perfect addition to our little bathroom sink area.


For the wood paneling on the back wall and wall behind the dinette we used a peel and stick vinyl wall planks. We loved the look of the reclaimed wood in a variety of colors.

Pro-tip - the peel and stick flooring planks are different than the walls planks. The planks made for walls are thinner and lighter to be able to stay up on a vertical surface.


Our paint colors - Home Depot Behr Marquee paints:

  1. Swiss Coffee - cream on the upper cabinets.

  2. Planetary Silver - light grey for the walls

  3. Adirondack Blue - dark blue-grey for the lower cabinets


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